Zaom Servery Cabinet

The angular timber surface panels of the Zaom display a continuous wrap around wave design that extends over the two sides and top. These panels conceal the asymmetrical door openings that can be found on two opposite sides allowing easy and multiple access to the inside.

There are top interchangeable optional attachments such as a servery tray or wooden chopping board which simply slide into position and are securely fixed by the geometry of the panels without the need of fasteners and locks.

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Front wheels enable the furniture to be moved around freely. Other practical features include side open storage pockets and a flip-up shelf with a hole to place a bowl or vase.

Materials include plywood and plastic laminate. Top serving tray: solid maple wood and plastic laminate base.

Wood finishes are in natural, eco friendly wax/oils.

Size 980mm long x 490mm wide x 885mm max height, 980mm high with removable tray in place

Colour options

We reserve the right to change materials, colours, specifications. Image colour and finishes may vary. Please feel free to talk to us about alternative colour combinations.

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