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As an extension to Xobo Furniture, we believe in the promotion and cross-over with the arts including live performance and dance. We make films to both explain and demonstrate the furniture including their interactive, multi-purpose use and movement qualities. Our films are both informative, creative and entertaining. Our Xobo Soirées evenings are filled with live entertainment, film and surpirse.

They are designed to be an escapist platform from everyday life and a chance to chill and have fun. The evenings are a way for us to help promote up and coming and established performers and acts, encouraging a dialogue and discourse between design, objects and the arts.

Les trois objets – 2011

Xobo TV's first short film directed by Dan Childs, starring Sarah Deeas and Stéphan Silver with music by David M. Hoyle. Based on a pixilation process to animate the movement qualities of the furniture, this film consists of short vignettes to demonstrate the first three Xobo Furniture models. Some of these are currently out of production.

Featured Xobo Furniture

Oyster Deluxe wardrobe | Tyci Picco folding stools (currently not in production) | Ania mini desk (currently not in production)

Le grand festin – 2012

This film unfolds around four colourful characters that come together for a surreal, bizarre dinner party sitting around the Xobo Tyci Tavoli 840 table.

Stop frame - pixelation - animation was used to animate the food, objects and performers.

Director: Dan Childs
Starring: Sarah Deeas, Oliver Harrison, Yael Karavan, Stephan Silver
Original: musical score: David M. Hoyle
Costumes and make-up: Stuart Targett

Featured Xobo Furniture model

Tyci Tavoli 840 table

Xobo Soirée - 25.01.2013

This first Xobo Soirée, an evening of fun, cabaret style entertainment featuring models from the Xobo Furniture range.

Acts included dance, song and performances from:

Marion Déprez and Sam McLean - Comperes
Diana Furlong - Calligraphy
Marianna Harlotta and Oktawia Petronella (Violinist)
Mrs Jon
Yael Karavan and Tanya Khabarova
Matt Reynolds as Artie Skittle
Elena Saorin as Lily Fru Fru
Stéphan Silver

Featured Xobo Furniture

Oyster Bambino wardrobe | Tyci Tavoli 840 table | VaWe side table/chest | Zaom servery | Tyci Picco folding stools and tables (currently not in production)

How To Assemble Xobo Furniture - Tyci Tavoli 840 Table and Tyci 70 Chair (Prototype) 2014

Oliver Harrison stars in this short silent film about a whimsical chef getting ready for his dinner guests. He demonstrates how easy it is to assemble our Xobo flat-pack Tyci 70 chair (prototype) and Tyci Tavoli 840 table.

Guest appearances by Marion Déprez and Stéphan Silver.

Featured Xobo Furniture

Tyci Tavoli 840 table |  Tyci 70 Chair

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