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Xobo Furniture consists of products that are playful, innovative and unique. They are designed to be space saving, multi-functional and practical. Their forms, materials and colours are designed to bring visually pleasing, sculptural, enjoyable objects into your living space.

The furniture is designed for adaptability and mobility, and their timeless design ensures the products are able to bypass current style trends and can be used for generations to come.

The collection has grown into a range of products comprising wardrobes, cabinets, chests, tables and chairs.

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Oyster Deluxe Wardrobes holderr

Oyster Deluxe Wardrobe

Based on a gentleman’s travelling case

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Oyster Minimale Wardrobe holder

Oyster Minimale Wardrobe

Simpler, stripped down version

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Oyster Bambino Contemporary Wardrobe 1

Oyster Bambino Wardrobe

The smallest of the Oyster series

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Tyci Tavoli 980 Table1

Tyci Tavoli series of tables

Simple to assemble and disassemble often

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tyci chair holder

Tyci 70 chair

Demountable chair with adjustable back

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Zaom Servery Cabinet

Flaps, storage pockets and removable top tray

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VaWe Chest Storage Cabinet holder

VaWe chest / side table

Practical and playful

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Ania Mini Desk holder

Ania Mini Desk

Practical working

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Our Design Philosophy

Xobo Furniture brings out the imagination of our inner child with an impulse to do things differently. We explore alternate ways of finding solutions to everyday problems, with an approach to doing things in opposition but evolving from tradition. This is done with an added touch of drama and excitement in every piece. We enjoy playing with simple, honest materials, colours and textures. We add wheels to make the furniture moveable, introduce adjustable panels and use adaptable parts to give you multi-functionality of use and options to change their placement within a room (space). 

Lead designer, Stéphan Silver, is an architect with a passion for dance. He draws from architecture a strong balance of form, function and structure and combines this with an influence from dance movement, interaction and shape.

Xobo Furniture was launched in 2011 and has been rapidly gaining recognition in the design world by the public, trade and media, having gained a Grand Designs Magazine “Loves us” award and our wardrobes were hailed by Sunday Times’, Katrina Burroughs as her “favourite new design.”

Our products are designed, developed and prototyped in the UK. They are manufactured in the EU. Each piece is assembled to a high level of quality and finished by hand with care by skilled craftsmen, ensuring that each piece has its own individual degree of character.

Interview with Stephan Silver

About Stéphan (Lead Designer)

Stéphan Silver, is a RIBA Chartered Architect, originally from Montréal, Québec, Canada having studied architecture at McGill University in Montréal. He completed his Professional Architectural UK qualifications at the Architectural Association in London, England and received an MA in Communication Design (Distinction) from Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London, England.

Stéphan has been designing furniture for adults and children throughout his professional career. He has guest lectured at many universities and his works have been published in international design magazines and newspapers.

stephan silver designer

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