Ania Mini Desk

The ergonomically designed Ania Mini Desk features a two-position curved front desk lid, closing in either a horizontal or forward sloping position. The lid top can also be used as a practical secondary writing or drawing surface. There is also an internal magnetic stainless steel memo board. The lid provides a cover to conceal equipment and papers when not in use.

For an expanded space and work surface, the integrated pull-out shelf is large enough for most laptops. The pull-out shelf can be used while the desk lid is closed and lying in its horizontal position.

Ania was designed for people working at home and people living in small spaces, allowing work materials to be stored out of sight.

The scale of the Ania Mini Desk was designed to avoid dominating or overpowering a small room or working space. Less than 900mm in width, the desk does not impose on compact spaces such as hallways, study areas or recessed alcoves.

The Ania Mini Desk also doubles up as a side console or entry hall piece.

It was designed to be sleek with clean lines. It was designed with a feminine appeal, light on the eyes and minimalist in character.



Many areas of fine and quality detailing include:

hardwood legs
recessed pull underside handle to pull-out shelf
pear or cherry wood veneer to lid with hardwood lipping
two corner cable hole covers on either side with double curvature quarter round edges
extra strong reinforced leg joints
cork underside to the legs
magnetic stainless steel underside of desk lid memo board
UK manufactured continuous piano hinge and nickel plated lid stays


The work surface is finished in a hard wearing plastic laminate surface for easy maintenance. Other materials include solid wood, wood veneer over ply, and rubber/cork.

Size: 860mm wide x 500mm deep x 825mm high in its closed position

Ania Mini Desk comes in a choice of worktop surface colour options and two choices of wood options: maple/pear and sycamore/cherry


We reserve the right to change materials, colours, specifications. Colours and wood types are representative only and may vary.

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